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The company 3B Stamps, is born in 1994 from Family BESSOLO.
The founding associates are Bessolo Silvio, father, which together to the two sons, all equipping of pluriennale experience in the field, decide to undertake the activity in own.
Currently the Company numbers to its inside eleven dependant besides the associates for a total of fourteen assigned. The activity is carried out in a productive unit of approximately thousand meters pictures where the administrative offices find space, the technical office knows, it metrologica, the productive unit of the workshop and the test. There is moreover a covered annexed warehouse of approximately 150 meters pictures. In the course of the years we have always lend a care eye towards the new technologies, in order more and more to make yes that our production processes could be optimized, revolts to an optical of improvement of the quality of the finished products. Currently we embrace various fields of market which: the automotive, the piping, the packaging, the alimentary field with details which stoppers, closings, versatori. The household-electric, field antitheft, antifire field, and in last the biomedical field.  We are in a position to supplying the finished product leaving from the mathematics you supply us from the customer carrying out the iter that it leave from the planning 3D of the stamp until to the sampling of the same one on the presse to injection and to the test in knows it metrologica of the produced detail.

Small stamps and averages dimensions, from i 156 x 156 milimeter Until to i 1296 x 1896 milimeter
Stamps in you open/you close, stamps to third slab, warm channel STAMPS fines prints,
stamps to mechanical svitamento with satellites and gears, stamps to svitamento with movimentazione to hydraulic motor.
Systems normally used of warm rooms Thermoplay, Judo, Mold Masters.
We realize the stamps leaving from the mathematics supplied to us from the customer.
For the stamps sheet we supply planning and construction, the tests we manage to them externally.

The Fields of market with which We operate are:

- To feed (stoppers, closings, versatori, containers, dispenser)

- Electronic (pos, burglar alarms, antifire, banking)

- Biomedical (valves, aim them)

- Hydraulic engineer (valves, connections, bijoints, bodies, T-elbows, throttle valves, valves to sphere)

- Automotive (fanaleria, bocchettoni, emergency, plance)

- Pneumatic (coilers, door tubes)

- Antitaccheggio (sensors, scato knurled them in PC.)

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